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Stafford District Voluntary Services website is an information source for any and all voluntary and community organisations operating in Stafford Borough and across Staffordshire. We are also very happy that anyone, anywhere, can access and benefit from the information we produce and display here.

SDVS website sets "cookies" every time you visit our site. Cookies are automatically set by our web server and are only used by that system to determine if you've visited our site before, which country you are browsing our website from, which browser you are using, which pages you view and how long you stay. The benefit of cookies for us is that we know which parts of the website are popular, and we can then add to those. The benefit of cookies to you is that they retain your preferences when and where you've visited.

SDVS also use "Google Analytics" to identify the types of users that come to the site, how often, when and so on. The cookies this site sets in your browser are used by Google to identify where you've visited on the internet.
We also use FaceBook link - the "Like" button - which identifies whether you have a FaceBoook account and invites you to Like us.

SDVS do not use your cookie information in any other way, to identify you personally or to track you after you've left our website.

You can turn off "cookies" on your computer, although it will slightly limit your use of our website. Otherwise, turning off cookies will not make your use of our website any worse or stop you seeing information that's available for all.

SDVS hope that you are reassured by our use of cookie data; we don't know who you are or want to know that, from using cookies.

If you are in any way concerned about our use of cookie data, please CONTACT us or telephone 01785 606670 during normal UK working hours.

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