About Support Staffordshire (Stafford & District)

Stafford & District provides support and development advice for local voluntary, community, charity, faith, social enterprise and similar not-for-personal-profit groups (often called "Voluntary and Community Sector" or "Civil Society" organisations). We work primarily in Stafford Borough and Staffordshire in the UK, but if you need our assistance or advice and you're outside that area, contact us to see if we can help. Our members work closely together to ensure voluntary and community organisations receive the support they need.

We have served voluntary, community, faith, social enterprise and other not-for-personal-profit groups in Stafford & District for over half a century. First set up in 1954, today we provide services and support to around 140 members and to many more not-for-profit organisations. Support Staffordshire (Stafford & District) can help your organisation to develop and grow, find and support volunteers, secure sustainable income and train your staff/voluntees. We also operate the Stafford Volunteer Centre and Support Staffordshire Training. Increasingly, we are working closely with statutory and private sector bodies to foster important links between these organisations and the wider sector.

To find out more about the services we can offer your group or to discover how we may able to help your organisation please contact us on 01785 413160.

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